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EX. 09B



1. had called...would have given

2. did ... might feel

3. had driven... wouldn´t have crashed

4. I´d known..... would have sent

5. had ... would spend

6. were ... would stop

7. could have ... would you



1. If my hair looked that bad, I would have it cut.

2. If I were you, I´d send her a text message.

3. If I had spent so much money, I wouldn´t spend at all this month.

4. If I were you, I´d go to bed earlier.



EX. 09a



1. hadn´t overslept....

2. wouldn´t have given

3. had been

4. had brought ...wouldn´t have gotten

5. hadn´t played

6. you wouldn´t have crashed

7. wouldn´t have slept ... hadn´t drunk

8. had traveled ... would have had



1. If I had gone to the party, I would have seen Joan dancing on the table.

2. If Paul had gone to university, he would have gotten a good job.

3. If I hadn´t taken classes when I was a child, I wouldn´t have understood everything Pierre said.

4. If there hadn´t been a power outage in my neighborhood last night, I could have watched the game. (yes, this one is complicated. Don´t worry if you got it wrong.)



Yes, but if I had stayed in Brasilia, I would have gone to the movies a lot.

No, but if I had had the chance to travel, I would have gone to Tierra del Fuego.


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