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Lesson Plan

Page history last edited by Patricia Faustino 11 years, 9 months ago
  • SideBarSideBarTitle: Phrasal Verb Visual Dictionary
  • Team Members: Ana Albi, Lueli Ceruti, Patricia Faustino, Patricia Fleury


  • Level: Upper Intermediate


  • Time frame: Two fifty-minute classes over a one-week period.


  • Overview of Lesson Plan
    • Goal of the Lesson: Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the phrasal verb vocabulary presented in each/any of the four terms of the advanced course by creating illustrations and using the verbs in meaningful sentences.
    • Technological Resources/Materials: pbwiki, toondoo, voicethread
    • Procedure:

                    (steps 1 through 3 will be taken in the first 50-minute period, and step 4 in the second)

1.  Introduce concept to students by:

a. inviting students to look at a specific page on their books to identify the presence of phrasal verbs.

b. asking them if they actually use phrasal verbs or if they are simply able to recognize them (active X passive vocabulary.

c. engaging students in preparing a visual dictionary of prhasal verbs.


2. Take students to the computer lab.

a. guide them through the creation of a pbwiki account and join the englishworldround wiki.

b. show them the sample illustration and ask them to choose from their course page (4A/4B/5A/5B) the phrasal verb(s) they want to work on.

c. guide them through the creation of a Toondoo account.


3. Ask students to put together a one-scene illustration for their chosen phrasal verb.

a. monitor their performance, make suggestions, specific guidance, etc.

b. save the illustration on the wiki.

c. before the second 50-minute session, the teacher must upload the cartoons onto a public voicethread and embed the voicethread on the wiki.


4. Take students to the computer lab - they will now be working in pairs

a. access the wiki and watch the thread.

b. ask students to find - in the thread - the cartoons they have produced and make two comments:

        ( I ) Type: the definition of the phrasal verb in your own words.

        ( II ) Record: A sentence in which the phrasal verb is contextualised.

c. before they leave the lab, ask students to watch the whole thread, once more, now reading and listening to all the comments.


5. Assign homework


a. students access the englishworldround Wiki page and answer to the questions on the side bar, as a means  to reflect upon the activity as a whole. Their answers should be posted on the comments section.


  • Assessment: Students' knowledge of the phrasal verb vocabulary will be assessed on the second fifty-minute period as students produce and record meaningful sentences for the cartoons previously created. Students will also be requested to add their own written definition of the phrasal verb to the thread.
  • Reflection: As homework, students will reflect on the work produced by posting on the Wiki page their answers to the questions asked there.  SideBar
  • Extension: The Wiki and the lesson plan may be used by other levels and include vocabulary of interest outside the textbook in a continuing learning process.


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