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4A Phrasal Verbs

Page history last edited by Patricia Faustino 11 years, 9 months ago

pick up

drive away

put out

turn down

turn out

give up

take off

let down

work out

think over

put up with

find out

passed away

get over

show off

go through

count on

chase away

come over

make up

throw up

fill in

call back

call off

look up

make up

try out

turn down

put off

run across

look into

get over

look after

get through

go over

dawn on

come over

see through

catch up with

get along with

stand up for

put up with

come up with

cut down on

get away with

send back

run into

hand in

turn off

cheer up

make up for

break up with

ask out

go out with




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